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Water leaking into basement? You probably need Basement Waterproofing?

Do you have leaky basement walls? The issue of our times is a changing climate, and the impact that has on all of our lives. As the air becomes warmer, and temperatures rise up, that means a more intense water cycle, with more moisture evaporating into the atmosphere.

That leads to changes in rainfall patterns, and more storms. Downpours are more intense. There is more snow, which melts more rapidly.

With an increase in precipitation comes an increased risk of flooding. If you own or rent a house, with a basement, you know what we are talking about.

The home’s foundation drainage system is interconnected and complicated, just like french drain, it includes the city’s sanitary sewer lateral, perhaps a storm service lateral (in newer homes), a weeping tile system that channels water away from the foundation, drain pipes. Any failure there leaves the home exposed to flooding.


Cost of waterproofing can total thousands

For most people, purchasing a home will be the most significant investment they make in their lives.

How many of us though have directly experienced, or heard horror stories, about walking down the basement stairs to find a foot or two of water, or a cascade of water pouring into a finished basement through a clogged-up window well during a heavy rain storm, personal possessions being washed away forever in some cases.

Cost estimates to fix water damage vary – but it’s in the thousands, all to repair or replace drywall, floors and hardwood, or anything electrical. Those home repair costs go up the more the water damage is left untreated, or if the homeowner is dealing with clean water as opposed to a sewer backup, or contaminated water. Around $1.7 billion is paid out in insurance claims due to water damage in Canada each year.

Moisture will spare no part of the home – timber, block structures, floors, and bricks. Many people spend a lot of money finishing a basement, perhaps creating a rental apartment for income purposes, all to help push up the value of that investment, only to have to do the work again.

For homeowners the issue becomes balancing the potential repair costs associated with a flood with buying flood insurance from your provider. That becomes even more of an issue for people living next to waterways – in case a river or body of water overflows.

Then there are the health effects – water damage leads to mould and mildew growth. You look at it and it seems harmless, but mould spores can travel anywhere, and can lead to throat and eye irritation, coughing, headaches, fatigue, fever, skin problems, nasal congestion, nose bleeds and allergies. It is important to not only get rid of it when you see it, but stop it from showing up in the first place.

Hydrostatic pressure and water leaks

So why does water leak into your basement?

Maybe you have heard the term “hydrostatic pressure”. By definition, it’s the pressure exerted on a fluid at equilibrium (not flowing) by the force of gravity. Hydrostatic pressure increases the deeper you get from the surface due to the increasing weight of the fluid from above.

Hydrostatic pressure is the reason you see water leaks in the basement walls of a home. Water that is building up against the foundation wall will eventually leak through eroding concrete, at the joint where the poured concrete floor meets the wall, and through cracks in the wall, mortar joints or floor if left un-checked.

With more precipitation, that becomes more of a factor, especially as the soil becomes more saturated. The more loose the soil, the more water it absorbs. That expanding soil also puts more pressure on the foundation walls. In the event of heavy rain or a rapid snowmelt, water tables will rise, putting pressure on a basement.

Do-it-yourself fixes

You can’t control the weather, but you can control how well you protect your home. If you want to stop water from leaking into your basement there are a number things you can do on your own before contacting waterproofing contractors.

  1. Landscaping should be a focus. You need to keep the water away from the house. Slope the ground away from the foundation, around six to 10 feet. Install asphalt or patio stones next the home, so water doesn’t settle into the soil.

  2. Make sure the eavestroughs and gutters around the home are clean. Water will overflow if they are clogged by dirt or leaves and will over-saturate the ground next to the foundation or basement walls.

  3. Make sure downspouts are directed to where you want the water to go, like a garden.

  4. A window well with a clogged drain can lead to water flooding in through the basement walls. Placing covers over each of the window wells will help keep out leaves and other debris that can lead to clogs.

  5. Clear snow away from the home’s foundation during winter regularly.

  6. Protect your HVAC system – make sure the furnace and water heater is not sitting on the basement floor.

But if you really want to stop the problem of flooding at its source, you need exterior waterproofing or interior home waterproofing system.


Weeping Tiles


For the average homeowner, not in the waterproofing business, a French drain, also called a weeping tile, is a trench filled with gravel or sand that contains a perforated pipe with filter fabric.

The purpose of a French drain is to redirect ground water or surface water away from building foundations. In the case of a home, the French drain is usually installed around the foundation on the external side.

We have said it before – with more instances of heavy rainfall, more water is being absorbed into the ground, next to the home’s foundation, meaning there is more water pressure on the concrete walls.

Concrete is a porous material, so over time, especially as the house shifts, cracks will form in the walls, leading to water leakages into the basement. Older foundations built with cinder blocks held together by mortar are particularly susceptible to erosion.

The size of the French drain or weeping tile depends on the anticipated volume of rainwater or runoff. Consult a professional from Canada Waterproofers about this.


  • Dig a trench alongside the footing of your house. The French drain will intercept water before it can enter the basement.
  • The French drain pipe is something you can pick up from a Home Depot or Canadian Tire. Rigid PVC with pre-drilled holes is a type of pipe that’s preferable in part because you can clean it with a plumber’s snake if need be.
  • The trench should be at least two feet wide. If the objective is a dry basement, make sure the pipe is positioned below the slab or finished floor level.
  • Lay the pipe down on the virgin soil. Make sure the holes in the pipe are pointed downwards. All the groundwater is sitting along the bottom, so it can then percolate into the pipe.
  • Wrap filter fabric around the pipe so dirt or weeds don’t obstruct the system. Pour one-half feet of gravel on top and over the side of the pipe.
  • The filter fabric is also laid over the gravel to prevent soil from getting through and clogging the perforated pipe that you just laid down. It is important that the French drain or weeping tiles don’t become clogged. If that happens then water pressure will build up and leak into your basement, through the base of the wall or through cracks in the floor.
  • Back-fill the foundation with topsoil, bringing it back up to its original grade level. Compact the soil every two feet.
  • Landscaping is a big focus at this point in the job. Always slope the ground away from the home’s foundation, around six to 10 feet. Install patio stones or asphalt next to the home, so water doesn’t settle into the soil.

A French drain is much easier to install during new home construction. It gets more challenging with older homes, especially if you have taller basement walls and you need to dig deeper to the footing level. Landscaping, cement walkways or backyard decks might need to be ripped up to install the French drain.

Installation is labour-intensive if you take it on yourself. It’s not something you want to install incorrectly, because going back in again to install it properly will be costly. Call a professional to take care of the job.

Michael Connor
Michael Connor
18:33 31 Mar 21
I've used Carl and his team on two of my properties and have been extremely impressed with their attention to detail... and professionalism. They treat your home with the upmost respect and are focused on building lasting relationships with their more
Ted Paraskakis
Ted Paraskakis
15:56 28 Mar 21
Had a leak in my foundation. They came quickly and found the problem. Fixed it very fast and the best price from all... the quotes I got. Very good to deal with I would highly more
Sameer Panjwani
Sameer Panjwani
18:38 27 Mar 21
I have known Carl for almost 10 years. In all my dealings with him I have found him to be knowledgeable, honest,... professional and excellent. We have done 6 large projects and im extremely more
Lori Spring
Lori Spring
16:20 27 Mar 21
Carl has done a variety of work for us on a number of different occasions. The quality of the work has always been... excellent. If any follow-up has been required, he’s always right there. I’ve recommended him to friends in the past, and would do so again without hesitation. And he’s a great guy!read more
Christine Rajotte
Christine Rajotte
00:56 17 Mar 21
Valentyn was exceptional from beginning to end. When I posted on HomeStars requesting quotes for my project Valentyn... stood out from the other 2 companies as he was the only one who asked detailed questions to understand what work I needed done. He even went over and above by picking up my new vanity and toilet from Lowes. Valentyn’s attention to detail showed and he made sure no detail was overlooked. He even replaced a piece of trim from where the old vanity had been. The work was completed with perfection, everything cleaned up and the bathroom now looks amazing. When he noticed that the existing pipe had a tiny leak he replaced the line when other remedies didn’t work. He was punctual and professional, and the cost was reasonable. I would definitely call Valentyn for all future plumbing needs and highly recommend more
Joe Custodio
Joe Custodio
14:54 12 Jan 21
Canada Waterproofers completed work at both my house and my Mother's house and we are very pleased and impressed with... their responsiveness, ethics and quality of work. Andrew was very professional and responsive throughout the entire process and Igor and team were very respectful while on-site completing the work. I was worried about what things would look like once everything was done considering the work that needed to be done, but you can't even tell that they were even here after the cleaned up. I hope I never have waterproofing needs again, but if I do I know who I will be more
Robert Doyle
Robert Doyle
16:24 24 Dec 20
Really appreciated the advice, communications and follow up from the whole team with our drain leak. Before we knew the... problem, Carl provided excellent advice, instead of just offering to do work, without knowing the source of the problem. They responded and came quickly. Valentin did great work and is a real professional. Thanks guys!read more
King Yee Man
King Yee Man
18:51 24 Nov 20
Early this year we had a flooded basement, we used Canada Waterproofers and they did an excellent job waterproofing the... outside wall. We were very happy with the A+ service, affordable price and life time warranty. Last month, we had a sewer backup problem so we decided to use the same company. Carl, the owner came the next day. He ran a snake camera through the sewer pipe and found the clay pipe was broken which needs to replace and he suggested to install a backwater valve. He gave us a reasonable and honest quote with 25 years warranty, he even help us to apply for the Basement Flooding Protection rebate. Two of his employee came early next morning, they took almost a day to complete the task and left with the property very clean. We are very happy with the service once again. We would highly recommend this company to anyone - excellent job, honest quote, kind and helpful!read more
Bernie L
Bernie L
19:20 26 Oct 20
We had a very minor basement drain backup recently, and after searching through and calling a number of companies on... Homestars, decided on Canada Waterproofers. Carl arrived and after checking out all the basement pipes and the washroom/kitchen locations, concluded that it a temporary clog, that has since cleared. He mentioned that I do not need to spend the extra money to send the snake into the drain, but if I really wanted to, he could do it. Carl's professional opinion helped me to understand better how the drain and pipes are connected, and allowed me to put my mind at ease that this was likely a rare one time occurrence. He also provided a few tips on maintaining the pipes to prevent potential future clogging. After all this, he told me that there would be no charge. Very professional, knowledgeable, and honest. If I ever have a water emergency or require plumbing services, I will be sure to call Canada Waterproofers. Thank you Carl!read more
Jean Brown
Jean Brown
14:30 01 Oct 20
Fair and professional company. Used them few times already never was disappointed with them.
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Canadian weather is extreme, to say the least. And unpredictable. Your home will likely be the biggest financial investment you will make. The definition of “home” also goes far beyond any financial connotation. It’s where you rest and re-energize. It’s where you raise your family. For many of us it’s where we work. “Home” needs protection against those weather elements.

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