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Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an important part of protecting your home from water damage. Interior and exterior options are available.

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Drain Repair

There's many ways to repair a drain, and with todays technology drain repair has become less invasive and much more economical, plumbing services

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Sewer & Drain Cleaning

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When underpinning your basement you can gain height, which can add value, and also increase square footage. Underpinning can also be used for

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Concrete Floors

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Backwater Valve & Sump Pump

Installing these devices is an excellent way of keeping water out of your basement, providing you with the latest in flood protection technology.

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Walking down the isle of a home improvement store, you’re bound to notice many methods, solutions and quick fixes to waterproof your house. Most of them work for a limited period of time and the reason behind this is that they don’t take the hydrostatic pressure into account. Hydrostatic pressure and lateral pressure are two forces that push water into basements.

The problem with hydrostatic and lateral pressure

Hydrostatic pressure develops when water collects around and under the concrete foundation of your house. Due to saturation of the soil, the water pools and with time, the water table rises. This increases hydrostatic pressure forcing the foundation to crack and the water rushes in the basement.

Lateral pressure is another type of pressure that can have adverse effects on your basement. After your foundation and basement were built, the backfill dirt that was placed is not compact and as such, it is not as strong as the surrounding soil. Being less compact makes soil more expansive and more absorbent. When water expands as a result of increased absorption of water, pressure is exerted. Since lateral movement is against the foundation and the foundation is sturdy, the pressure has nowhere to give. This subsequently leads to cracks and water leaks into your basement.

Temporary fixes are not effective

There are many methods of waterproofing basements including interior sealants, exterior waterproofing and drainage. Most homeowners often opt for waterproof coatings or interior sealants which are temporary because they are more affordable compared to permanent solutions.

Homeowners forget that by not taking into account the original cause for basement flooding, these temporary fixes aren’t effective. As such, waterproofing becomes an expense they have to incur on a regular basis.

The best options for basement waterproofing

Having ruled out the long-term effectiveness of cheap DIY sealants for major water damage problems, it’s time to discuss other methods of waterproofing a basement. Sump pumps are effective for keeping water out of your house. External and interior drainage solutions are also available and effective in keeping water from pooling in adverse areas.

The drain forms a network that directs water sites from where it is collected by the sump pump and directed away from the house. Proper downspout placement ensures that water is directed away from the foundation of your house thus keeping the basement dry.

Exterior waterproofing comes in varied forms. The ground around the house is excavated and the concrete foundation is checked for cracks. If any are identified, they are sealed to keep water from seeping into the basement. And while sealants are waterproof, they aren’t strong enough to wi5thstand the pressure exerted by water with time. For this reason, they have to be used concurrently with exterior and interior sealants as well as coatings to direct water away from the house.

Getting professional help

Regardless of the source of water seepage, a professional waterproofing company in Toronto can help by providing the following services:

• Seepage from cove joints

• Repair of masonry foundation leaks

• Window well installation, repair and maintenance

• Grading issues

• Floor cracks

• Foundation wall cracks

• Porous concrete

By taking advantage of the expertise offered by waterproofing companies, you stand to gain permanent protection of your home from water damage.

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