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Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an important part of protecting your home from water damage. Interior and exterior options are available.

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Drain Repair

There's many ways to repair a drain, and with todays technology drain repair has become less invasive and much more economical, plumbing services

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Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Maintaining your drains is an important part of keeping your sewer system running smoothly. Regular drain cleaning will keep your system running

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When underpinning your basement you can gain height, which can add value, and also increase square footage. Underpinning can also be used for

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Concrete Floors

Installing a new concrete floor in your basement is a good way to solve any issues that you have with uneven floors, musty smells, cracks and other

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Backwater Valve & Sump Pump

Installing these devices is an excellent way of keeping water out of your basement, providing you with the latest in flood protection technology.

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One of the most common problems in homes is water damage and it mainly occurs as a result of flooding in basements. Water damage is one of the leading causes of insurance claims on an annual basis as it is responsible for millions of dollars in damages. Water damage can be catastrophic in many ways like compromising the integrity of the foundation and structure as well as causing destruction to interior décor and personal belongings. Water also has the power to accelerate the growth of mold and mildew. At one point or another, homeowners with basements have experienced water damage.

Water damage manifests in several ways, including broken plumbing, leaking wall cracks and windows, failed sump pumps or even weak foundations. In the event of its occurrence, the first step a homeowner should take is to turn off the gas supply and electricity to the area. Afterwards, they need to find the source of the water by tracing the leak. There are several steps you can take to restore the dignity of your home and keep it dry, so let’s find out about the essentials involved in water damage remediation.

Remove the excess water and move items out of the affected space

Once you have turned off the gas supply and electricity, find the source of the leak and fix it temporarily to avoid further damage. It is one of the most important steps in the water damage remediation process and how long it will take will depend on how long the water was in your house. Remove all the excess, stagnant water before you can start removing the appliances and furniture from the affected room. The best method of water removal will also depend on the amount of water in the room. Once that’s accomplished, everything in the room – whether damaged or not – should be removed.

Allow for proper ventilation and manage individual remediation tasks

Bring in the fans and open the windows to ensure proper ventilation of the room. You also need to dry the room completely and decide on a permanent waterproofing solution to ensure that this doesn’t happen in future. Inspect the room for signs or mold and mildew and if any, get rid of it. Water damage remediation can involve other simple steps such as repairing cracks in the walls or replacing interior finishes and drywall, replacing bad pipes or insulating them as well as fixing weak foundations. The best way to ensure water damage remediation is to bring in a professional, who will evaluate the problem and recommend the best solutions.

Invest in basement waterproofing as the best way of prevention

If you have experienced water damage before, the best way to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the future is to invest in basement waterproofing in Toronto. The good news is that just as there are many causes of water damage, there are many methods of waterproofing your house. These include exterior drainage systems, waterproof coatings and sump pump installations in Toronto. Watch out for signs of water damage in your home such as water stains on walls and ceilings as well as condensation around pipes and windows.

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