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Waterproofing your basement from the outside is a great way to protect your biggest investment.
Waterproofing is like putting a warm dry coat on your house and protecting it from our extreme Canadian weather.
Here at Canada Waterproofers we have the Canada Goose of waterproofing methods, and guarantee your satisfaction with our lifetime warranty on our 6 stage exterior waterproofing option.
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Foundations that leak cause all kinds of damage to your basement walls, whether you live in an older, or newer home.
If your basement is leaking you should think about having it repaired in the near future.

Why does my basement leak?

When a basement is excavated, the soils that will be back filled around the new foundation will be much looser soil than the surrounding undisturbed ground. The problem with this is that loose earth will collect water much faster than undisturbed virgin soils. After the foundation walls are poured and the ground is backfilled then that soil that surrounds the new foundation will collect water and hold that moisture up against the new foundation walls, this water accumulates and eventually will enter into the foundation walls as they age and deteriorate.

How can i stop my basement leaking?

The only way to relieve this pressure is to install protective layers on the walls, and a system of weeping tiles and sump pumps, so that this accumulation of water can be redirected away from the foundation and allow the surrounding soils to eventually dry and settle.

The Pulpit Rock
Exterior wall showing application of blue skin

A leaking foundation may seem daunting to fix, but we can assure you with the right waterproofing method your basement will stay dry through the help of a series of foundation protective coatings, and sealers, which will keep the water from penetrating your foundation walls, weeping tiles will carry water away from your foundation and protect your basement from flooding in extreme weather, membrane will protect the wall from damage and keep your waterproofing intact for a lifetime.

Why is it important to stop leaks?

Moisture can cause all kinds of damage to concrete, timber, bricks, and block structures which can cost you thousands in structural repairs.

Maintaining a dry basement is more important than you think, as mould spores can travel throughout your home and cause all kinds of health issues.
Although a little leak may seam harmless, we can assure you that without the protection of a proper waterproofing then that leak could be detrimental to your health.


Waterproofing your basement from the inside is a great option for certain houses, although we always prefer to protect your basement from the outside unfortunately sometimes there is no other option but to waterproof from the inside.

Things you should know.

Many companies like to tell you that interior waterproofing is the best option, and they will tell you it protects your foundation walls from damage etc, but the truth is a little different.
Although you may not have any other option but to waterproof from the inside, Here at Canada Waterproofers we always like you to go into your waterproofing project with your eyes open.

The truth

Inside waterproofing will stop water from entering into your finished basement allowing you to enjoy a dry living space, but there will always be a little bit of water trapped behind the membrane, which will over a very long time deteriorate your walls.

What not to do after interior waterproofing is installed.

Using the wrong insulation and vapour barrier after a interior waterproofing is installed then you run the risk of condensation building up, which could mean mould behind your walls.
We like to call this the mould sandwich.

What is a mould sandwich?

A mould sandwich is when you have two waterproof membranes i.e Waterproofing membrane and vapour barrier that don’t let moisture escape allowing your rock wool insulation to become saturated, which will turn to mould.
So there you have it (Mould sandwich).

How to stop this situation?

Sorry we are not trying to scare you out of an interior waterproofing, and there are ways to avoid this situation and its very simple.
After interior waterproofing is complete, all you have to do is have it spray foamed during the refinishing of your basement, yes its as simple as that “spray foam”.
Spray foam becomes its own vapour barrier which eliminates that mould sandwich, so instead of having two waterproof membranes you get a continuous membrane, as the foam sticks to the waterproofing membrane and seals and insulates.

Interior waterproofing was introduced into Toronto many years ago and now interior waterproofing is effectively keeping Toronto homes dry and free from leaking.

Protect your investment.

Interior waterproofing has become popular in the last decade, as people are finishing basements more often in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Lot’s of Toronto homes have a very close proximity to each other and the only way to protect these homes is to install interior waterproofing prior to finishing.

The average cost to finish a basement is around $50,000, and this is why it is very important to have your basement waterproofed prior to spending this kind of money.
If a basement is finished with drywall ect and a leak occurs, not only does all the drywall have to be redone but also the flooring, baseboards etc so that all the mold can be removed.
A new waterproofing system can then be installed prior to refinishing your basement.
Refinishing would normally cost an additional $20,000 to $30,000.

How much will it cost to waterproof my basement from inside?

Interior waterproofing is much more cost affective than exterior waterproofing, so thats why many people opt for the internal option.
Interior waterproofing ranges from $65 to $125 per foot, and the determining factors are concrete thickness, height of basement, amount of footage, commercial or residential, accessibility etc.
The best way to find out how much a project like this would cost you, is to give us a call and you will receive a free onsite assessment.

Will insurance cover my flood?

Insurance companies are great for many things, but if you mention to the insurance adjuster seepage or leaking after your basement gets flooded due to any type of leaking, which includes, window wells, cracked foundation that leaks, sump pump failure etc then your on your own.
Give your insurance company a call to add extra coverage so that you can be more protected.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is an effective way of protecting your foundation from leaking, premature deterioration, foundation heaving or cracking.
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Exterior Waterproofing
An outside wall showing the final layer of the waterproofing membrane


Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing is an affective way of controlling water, and keeping your basement dry and free of mould.
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Interior Waterproofing
Interior waterproofing with newly installed concrete floor
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