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Backwater Valve & Sump Pump


Sump Pumps & Backwater Valve

Sump pumps are considered to be extremely effective in controlling water, and ensuring its redirected out of your basement.

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Basement waterproofing

What are the Benefits of Installing a Sump Pump?

The world’s climate is rapidly changing and the basement in our homes are becoming more susceptible to flooding. The city’s sewer systems are incapable of keeping up with the massive amounts of water that are running off into them.

When looking for a solution to prevent flooding or any plumbing issues in Oakville, Canada Waterproofers can help keep your basement dry and help to avoid any future property damage or loss. A sump pump is one of the solutions that we offer. We can give you a free estimate on your home and show you hot you can save money and keep your home and family safe with the latest flooding protection technology.

What is a Sump Pump?

What is a sump pump?  It is used to redirect water away from your homes foundation and footings in a highly effective way and ensures that your basement stays dry. It’s essentially used to eliminate water that has been collecting in a sump pit (located in the basement). The cover to the sump pump is used a filter to prevent debris from going through as well.

A sump pump is usually installed to your weeping tile system that surrounds the perimeter of the home, or  it can also surround the interior of the basement in order to drain properly. It only requires maintenance once a year.

The sump pump is an innovative process when compared to the old method. Previously, the old method that was in place required the draining of a weeping tile through the connection of it to your drainage system. This causes quick deterioration to the foundation and with heavy rainfalls that are constantly coming down in Oakville and the surrounding GTA, the old method was a short term solution that essentially guaranteed a flooded basement if not addressed properly. A sump pump is a solution to the old method that provides peace of mind that you’ll be avoiding any and all floods. Reach out to us at any time if you have any questions regarding how sump pumps work and if it would be the right fit for your home. We offer free quotes on any sump pump installation.


Canada Waterproofers Sump Pump Installation Process Explained


Once a sump pump installation has begun, the old weeping tile connection to the city sewer is completely severed. This helps to prevent against flooding.

We also advise customers to install a sewer back up valve (back water valve) in order to protect your home from sewage coming back from the city.

Be sure to review our drain section to read more about backwater valves and how important they are to avoid floods in your home.

Sump Pumps Features

3 main features:

  • There’s a tank that holds the water that is drained from a weeping tile,
  • A pump, that pumps water up and out of the basement to a designated drainage point.
  • Also available is a third feature that can be added to the sump pump, which is a battery back up system and alarm that is useful in any blackouts.

A Battery Back Up System

A battery back up system is crucial for those unexpected blackouts that usually follow heavy rains storms. It consists of a totally separate pump that runs off a marine battery.  In the case of a power failure (blackout) or a primary pump failure, the back up pump will automatically turn itself on so that it  can continue to pump water out of your basement without the aid of the main power for up to 24 hours.

The battery system is also equipped with an alarm that automatically turns on every time the battery pump is being utilized. This will serve as a reminder that that the main pump is not functioning properly.

A battery back up pump is very effective and we advise that if a sump pump is being installed, a battery back up is instrumental for peace of mind.

Water Back Up System

Another option available which serves as a back up pump that can be installed and is powered by your homes water supply is a water back up system pump. The great thing about this pump is that as long as your water supply is working, the pump will not fail, it’ll just keep pumping. The pump runs off water that turns its turbines and pumps the water out of your basement. That’s the beauty of this pump. It uses water to fight water. However, is a limitation.

There is a minimum of a 3/4″ water supply line from the city that is needed in order for the pump to work correctly. If this is the case, and it is close to your installed sump pump, then this back up system is more appropriate and considered one of the most reliable pumps on the market considering it does not require any power, only water.

Backwater Valve

Today’s global climate is changing rapidly; we are seeing more and more examples of this right here in our own backyard in southern Ontario.  The aging sewer infrastructure is becoming overwhelmed by the extremely heavy rain and snowfalls and has resulted in the past in major flooding across Oakville, Toronto, Burlington, and Mississauga to name a few.

Residential homes have been particularly impacted recently considering that in the past there has been little to nothing that the homeowner could do to protect their homes against flooding caused by extreme weather. The waterproofing and plumbing industry has come a long way. Canada Waterproofing can ensure that your home is protected and safeguarded against any flood anytime.

As recent as 2013 the insurance industry had to spend almost 1 billion dollars replacing and repairing customers basements and personal, sometimes priceless possessions.

Currently, insurance companies and municipalities are encouraging all homeowners to consider installing mainline backwater valves.

  • Time is on your side when it comes to the installation of the valve, it takes just one day.
  • Installation of the valve is either outside or at the front-inside foundation wall.
  • Once the valve is installed it will allow waste from the home to flow to the city main.
  • A camera inspection is suggested to explore the sewer in order to determine the most effective and ideal location for the valve.

A major benefit from a backwater valve if the city main becomes overwhelmed and begins to backup and get clogged as they do during floods, into the adjacent basements, the valve will automatically close  and prevent any flooding that may come from the city main sewer.

Canada Waterproofers are experts in installing backwater valves and have certified and licensed technicians who would be happy to assist with an on-site assessment and/or a free quote.

Our Backwater Valve Installation Process

Why Should you Install a Sump Pump?

Due to our rapidly changing and wild weather patterns, our homes and basements are unfortunately becoming more susceptible to flooding. The massive amounts of rain fall and snow fall that melts quickly is putting heavy pressure  on city sewer systems like Oakville, that cannot keep up with the weather.

A sump pump is the latest solution in flood protection technology to waterproof your basement. Allow us to give you a no commitment free estimate, we’ll get it right the first time!


Our mission here at Canada Waterproofers is to make sure you feel safe in your home through any weather. We understand flooded basements can be frustrating and damaging. Allow us to prevent that from happening and protect your home. By taking the proper precautions ahead of time, you can ensure you protect your biggest investment, your home. Sump pumps and backwater valves are services we offer in order to ensure your basement is waterproofed and protected against any flooding.
Thank you,
Canada Waterproofers Team

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