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Cleaning and maintenance of your drains regularly can help prevent major problems such as root damage, belly in pipes, clogged sewers, blocked drains, and collapsed drains to mention a few. These types of problems can cost your household thousands in repairs that could have been prevented if Canada Waterproofers Scarborough had ensure your homes waterproofing was properly done.

Drain Cleaning Process

An annual checkup of your drains is an essential part of maintenance in order to avoid sewer back ups or floods in your home that can lead to health problems and costly bills. Canada Waterproofers Scarborough ensure that only the latest technology is used in order to ensure you sewer system is up to code. We use a sewer camera inspection and snaking of your sewer system as a less invasive inspection. By doing so, you will ensure your drains will be functioning properly for years to come. Canada Waterproofers Scarborough has specialized plumbers that can help you with any of your drain cleaning needs, and can unclog any blocked drain in little to no time.  

How we Help our Scarborough Customers

  • Canada Waterproofers Scarborough has access to the latest in technology from the waterproofing industry
  • Our promise to you is to get your system up and running in little to no time
  • The process we have in place ensures that you will always be involved in the project and will constantly receive updates and detailed explanations of what to expect
  • Provide professional advice on the maintenance of your system to ensure you avoid any blocked drains
  • Offering the most competitive prices in the industry. You get what you pay for!
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