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Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an important part of protecting your home from water damage. Interior and exterior options are available.

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Drain Repair

There's many ways to repair a drain, and with todays technology drain repair has become less invasive and much more economical, plumbing services

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Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Maintaining your drains is an important part of keeping your sewer system running smoothly. Regular drain cleaning will keep your system running

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When underpinning your basement you can gain height, which can add value, and also increase square footage. Underpinning can also be used for

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Concrete Floors

Installing a new concrete floor in your basement is a good way to solve any issues that you have with uneven floors, musty smells, cracks and other

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Backwater Valve & Sump Pump

Installing these devices is an excellent way of keeping water out of your basement, providing you with the latest in flood protection technology.

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Discoloration on the crawlspace or basement walls normally indicates that basement waterproofing is required. The discoloration of the wall is usually contributed by many factors. As the home owner you should be in a position to identify the cause so that this can be rectified. You should also note that several factors may come into play and contribute to this.

Here are things that you should pay attention to when your basement or crawlspace walls feature discoloration patterns:

The exact color of the discoloration

You should first identify what color the discoloration is. If you find out that it is white or has a fuzzy texture, there are high chances that they is mold. Knowing the health effects of mold, this problem should be addressed quickly. Mold can also get into the air in the crawlspace or basement and spread to the entire home because the air, which is normally found in the upper levels of a home comes from the crawl space or basement area.

Pipes near the wall

It is important to observe the pipes which are either direct or above the discoloured wall. This is because there could be a pipe which is leaking and thus causing staining on the wall. You can hire a professional to inspect the pipes if you are not in a good position to do so.

Foundation vents

Ensure that you examine all the foundation vents which are on the wall where you have noticed discoloration. Foundations vents and especially those which are very close to the surface of the ground often start leaking and letting water in.

Height of the wall

You should be able to identify where the discoloration begins and where it ends. You should measure the height of the wall just to be sure. If you find out that the discoloration is on the four feet mark, the staining might have been caused by water which is originating from the exterior side of the foundation. Remember that the height depends on the on the house. So the mark can go lower to three feet mark.

Meeting point of the floor and the wall

The point where the wall and the floor meet should be of interest to you. This is because as the water comes in from the exterior side of the foundation, it creates another entry point and that is where the floor and the wall meet.

Cement floor

You should not underestimate the cement floor. It is a place where water can enter to your crawlspace or basement. Look for any possible signs of water on the floor. You might be surprised that is the main cause of the discoloration.

Remember that a waterproofing solution is the best option when it comes to addressing discoloration issues. You should find one which will address as many factors as there can be so that you prevent the same from recurring in the future. The solution that you get should be in a position to address primary pathways and seeping of water into the crawlspace or basement.

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