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Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an important part of protecting your home from water damage. Interior and exterior options are available.

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Drain Repair

There's many ways to repair a drain, and with todays technology drain repair has become less invasive and much more economical, plumbing services

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Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Maintaining your drains is an important part of keeping your sewer system running smoothly. Regular drain cleaning will keep your system running

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When underpinning your basement you can gain height, which can add value, and also increase square footage. Underpinning can also be used for

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Concrete Floors

Installing a new concrete floor in your basement is a good way to solve any issues that you have with uneven floors, musty smells, cracks and other

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Backwater Valve & Sump Pump

Installing these devices is an excellent way of keeping water out of your basement, providing you with the latest in flood protection technology.

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Waterproofing your home is important if you want to live in a house with a high quality of air. It�s also important if you intend to increase the value of the house as well as prolong its life span. And whereas your internal drain tile will serve the purpose, an external drain tile is more effective in draining water away from the house before it even gets the chance to get to the interiors. Whether the source of ground water is the overflowing gutters, heavy rains or even misplaced downspouts, an exterior drain tile will effectively protect your foundation from water damage.

What is an exterior drain tile?

Depending on where you live, an exterior drain tile is known by different names. In western parts of the US, it is known as a French drain, in Canada it�s known as weeping tile while in several places, it�s referred to as footing tile. Whatever you call it, it�s all one and the same thing.

The installation begins with excavation where technicians dig a trench around the entire foundation. The trench dug is wide enough to accommodate the drain tile, but also narrow to damaging the foundation. A few layers of gravel are laid down at the bottom of the trench and a perforated PVC pipe is laid down. The pipe is usually wrapped in a filtration and is installed around the house. It drains into a sump basin, which essentially discharged by a sump pump. Before backfilling, more gravel is poured on the pipe.

During installation of the exterior drain tile, waterproofing companies often consider installing something that will prevent seepage of water through the foundation as doing so afterwards is costly. Most of them opt to install an external waterproof membrane and reinforce it with a drainage board. Asphalt-modified polyurethane is sometimes used to protect the foundation from external moisture. This is particularly effective for cement or masonry foundations.

Why should you install an external drain tile?

There are several reasons as to why you should consider installing external drain tile, but we will summarize them in three points.

� Finished basement � If you recently renovated your basement into a living space where your family can hang out, tearing it apart to waterproof you�re your foundation is not really an option. An external drain tile offers the option to waterproof the foundation without affecting the interior space of your basement.

� Preservation of the foundation wall � Water seepage through foundation walls can cause serious structural issues. If not attended to, the house can collapse within a few years. An exterior drain tile will drain water away from the wall, leaving it free of its negative effects.

� Masonry foundation � If your home�s foundation is made of masonry material like concrete and stone, an exterior drain pipe is very effective in preventing water damage to it. Masonry materials often have joints that are prime avenues for water leakage or seepage and having an exterior drain tile installed will drain away the water from these points.

Are there any setbacks associated with external drain tiles?

The short answer to that is not. Not if we are looking at how effective they are. They are simply one of the best ways of waterproofing the foundation in Toronto.

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