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Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an important part of protecting your home from water damage. Interior and exterior options are available.

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Drain Repair

There's many ways to repair a drain, and with todays technology drain repair has become less invasive and much more economical, plumbing services

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Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Maintaining your drains is an important part of keeping your sewer system running smoothly. Regular drain cleaning will keep your system running

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When underpinning your basement you can gain height, which can add value, and also increase square footage. Underpinning can also be used for

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Concrete Floors

Installing a new concrete floor in your basement is a good way to solve any issues that you have with uneven floors, musty smells, cracks and other

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Backwater Valve & Sump Pump

Installing these devices is an excellent way of keeping water out of your basement, providing you with the latest in flood protection technology.

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Anyone who has experienced water damage in their basements can tell you just how devastating it can be. It can result in damage of not only the damage of your basement, but also damages personal belongings and structural issues. Excess water can also lead to mold infestation which may pose health threats to the family and as such, it’s important to take necessary preventive measures. There are several ways one can use to prevent costly water damage in a basement and the simplest one is professional basement waterproofing.

The devastating effects of water damage

Water damage at home can cause a lot of damage and it’s very important that homeowners ensure that they don’t occur for whatever reasons. There are different reasons as to why water damage may occur in basements. The causes vary from cracks in the walls and improper drainage to leaking windows and leaking pipes. Mildew and mold thrive best in wet areas and they can have adverse effects on health. And while you may not think it, even the smallest foundation that seem harmless may lead to serious leakage issues that will cost you lots of money in future. It’s therefore important not to take any chances and have your basement professionally waterproofed.

Options for basement waterproofing

When it comes to basement waterproofing in Toronto, there are plenty of options to choose from in order to keep your basement free of water. Something as simple having professionals repair the cracks in your foundation or provide basic waterproofing services can stop water from leaking into your crawlspace or basement. Installing a sump pump can also help protect your basement from water damage. This method simply involves installing a system that sucks all the water from the soil around the house and directing it away from the house. There are different reasons for basement water damage and measures should be taken for prevention.

Homeowners planning to do some type of home improvement work to their basements should consider waterproofing them. Regardless of whether you plan to use the basement as a living space or storage area, keeping it clean and dry at all times is of paramount importance. The last thing you want is your newly done basement ruined by water during a bad storm and professional waterproofing services can help you avoid that particular problem. The basement is the most likely place where you’ll keep your furnace, boiler or hot water among other important equipment and this is one of the reasons why waterproofing it is so important.

Be proactive in preventing water damage

If you plan on doing any type of work on your basement, waterproofing should definitely be one of your top priorities. This will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the future. Water leakage is a common problem affecting homeowners from different parts of the world. It’s a problem that should be addressed before it occurs and hiring professional help to waterproof your basement is one of the simplest ways to curb the problem. Paying for the investment will be worth it as it will keep your property safe and save you from incurring extra expenses in future.

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