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Canadian weather is extreme, to say the least. And unpredictable. Your home will likely be the biggest financial investment you will make. The definition

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Waterproofing your basement from the inside is a great option for certain houses, although we always prefer to protect your basement from the outside.

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Exterior waterproofing is an effective way of protecting your foundation from leaking, premature deterioration, foundation heaving, or cracking.

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  • If the piping in your home is old and worn out it can cause condensation and erosion, leading to pipes bursting
  • New, looser soils around the foundation of your home hold more water than soils that are solid and dry because there hasn’t been any excavation work done. That water builds up against your home’s foundation, leading to erosion of the walls and water leaks
  • Water table rises during an intense rain storm, or if there’s a lot of snow that melts. This can cause flooding, but if left unguarded, can also potentially cause structural damage to the home


  • Wet or damp basement floor
  • Leaky, damp or water-stained basement walls
  • Musty smell in the air
  • Water leakage around the windows
  • Small pool of water in the basement


Waterproofing your basement from the outside or inside is an effective way to protect your home from a water leak, or worse, a flood. Call Canada Waterproofers Brock for an assessment of your home. Together we will put together a solution that works best for you.

We guarantee your satisfaction and we’ll back up our work for a 25-year warranty. Don’t settle for cheap service and low quality materials. Go with the best. Contact Canada Waterproofers Brock!

The only way to relieve this pressure is to install protective layers on the walls, as well as a system of weeping tiles and sump pumps, so the accumulation of water can be re-directed away from the foundation of your home, allowing surrounding soils to eventually dry and settle.

Whether you go with an exterior waterproofing solution for your home, or the interior option, or a combination of both – this is something we can talk about when our technician visits your house for an assessment.

Water – especially leaks that have been left unchecked for some time – can cause damage to your home’s bricks, timber, concrete. There are also health risks. Floods lead to mould and mildew and that can result in health issues like nasal congestion, throat irritation, coughing, eye irritation, and skin irritation.

Keep this in mind – the average cost to finish a basement is anywhere between $15,000 and $50,000, largely dependant on whether you hire a contractor or do the job yourself. That is why in this scenario it is very important to have your basement waterproofed prior to spending this kind of money.

If a leak occurs after the job is done, not only will all the drywall need to be redone but also the flooring, baseboards, and everything else, so that all the mould can be removed. A water-damaged basement would normally cost an additional $20,000 to $30,000 to repair. Also – give your insurance company a call to add extra coverage so that you can be more protected.

It’s more inexpensive to waterproof the home from the inside (although interior waterproofing is more of a water management system, keeping your basement dry; exterior waterproofing is better because it tackles the problem at its source, before it breaches the foundation walls).  Interior waterproofing ranges from $65 to $125 per foot. The determining factors are concrete thickness, height of the basement, amount of footage, commercial or residential, and accessibility.

Exterior waterproofing is a major excavation job, so we’ll need both room around the exterior of your home, in large part for our equipment and workers. But in the end it will be worth it. Cleaning and preparing any cracks and installing exterior membranes on the walls costs anywhere between $90 and $600 per foot, depending on factors like space between houses, depth of the dig, accessibility, and whether it’s a commercial or residential property.

Exterior Waterproofing


Exterior waterproofing is an effective way of protecting your foundation from leaking, premature deterioration, foundation heaving, or cracking.
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Exterior Waterproofing
An outside wall showing the final layer of the waterproofing membrane.


Interior Waterproofing


Interior waterproofing is an effective way of controlling water, and keeping your basement dry and free of mould.
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Interior Waterproofing
Interior waterproofing with newly installed concrete floor.
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