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Thinking about underpinning your basement? Canada Waterproofers Brock is the No. 1 company in the region when it comes to basement underpinning. We offer 25 years of experience and a full warranty to back up our work.

The most popular reason people turn to when considering underpinning is that with the additional ceiling height, they are adding value to the property. That’s very enticing in a housing market in the Greater Toronto Area where rising prices make it challenging to move to a bigger house. Why not just better utilize the one you have?

Other reasons:

  • The original foundation of your home is not strong enough and needs strengthening
  • Possibly the properties of the soil supporting the foundation have changed
  • In the case where you are adding another storey to the home, or a deck – to increase load capacity
  • A flood or other natural occurrence occurs and causes the structure to shift, requiring the home’s footings and foundations to be strengthened


Call us for a free consultation. Canada Waterproofers Brock can oversee the full job for you, or parts of it. Most importantly, we will do the job safely. We have the skills, training and experience to handle the job. Needless to say having an amateur oversee the job can lead to catastrophic results.

Once a technician shows up at your door, ask he or she if they are licensed, if they have the correct insurances. Do they need drawings and permits? Do they need the city to inspect their work?

Do they have references vouching for past work?

We can help you get the drawings and permits done, if need be, by putting you in touch with engineers. Or we can oversee that for you, and deal with the city.


  1. Basement cleared
  2. Basement demolished
  3. Transporter installed into window
  4. Bin arrives for soils
  5. Concrete floor removed
  6. Walls are underpinned by sections
  7. Inspections of all individual sections
  8. Soil is removed and disposed
  9. Interior drains are replaced
  10. Interior waterproofing installed
  11. Sump pump installed
  12. Sewage ejector installed if needed
  13. Gravel installed
  14. Vapor barrier installed
  15. Concrete is poured with trowel finish
  16. Work areas cleaned


Canada Waterproofers Brock is the best underpinning company in the GTA. If you’re looking for integrity, honesty and reliability, the highly skilled workers at Canada Waterproofers Brock are here for you.

Call today and receive a free assessment of your home to see if underpinning is right for you.


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