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Canadian weather is extreme, to say the least. And unpredictable. Your home will likely be the biggest financial investment you will make. The definition

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Waterproofing your basement from the inside is a great option for certain houses, although we always prefer to protect your basement from the outside.

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Exterior waterproofing is an effective way of protecting your foundation from leaking, premature deterioration, foundation heaving, or cracking.

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The core of our service is home waterproofing. Our clients, going back years, are people who have experienced water leaks or a flood, and want to avoid that from ever happening again. But there are also clients of ours who read about or hear the horror stories from family neighbours or neighbours – water pouring through a window cell into a basement during a heavy rainstorm, two feet of water in a basement, family possessions and heirlooms afloat, forever ruined – and they want to avoid that from happening.

Then there are the nasty aftereffects of mould – meaning basically everything in the basement needs to be torn out and replaced, costing thousands of dollars. How would you like to be on the unfortunates who has just spent $50,000 on a new basement renovation but decided to not include a waterproofing solution in that budget, then the storm of the summer hits?

More and more, homeowners are realizing that with an aging municipal infrastructure and insurance business one can’t rely on – it’s time to get on offence and put a protective layer around the home. Real estate investment in the area has been and remains resilient.


  • Water collects much faster around looser soil, where the foundation of your home was constructed, as opposed to undisturbed soil. That water creates pressure against the home’s foundation
  • The area water table might rise as a result of excess rain or melting snow, leading to water leaks in the basement. Water cracks in your basement floor caused by hydrostatic pressure can have serious structural impacts on your home
  • Poorly maintained window wells. A drainage system geared at re-directing water out of the window wells plugged by debris can lead to water pouring into the basement through the window
  • Sewer pipe leaks – that’s why you need to call us for maintenance! If the piping is old and worn out it can cause condensation and erosion, leading to pipes bursting
  • Your sump pump is not working. If you are noticing issues with your sump pump, call Canada Waterproofers Pickering for an inspection, before it becomes a larger issue

Moisture is an enemy to any home, sparing no part of it. It can cause damage to your bricks, timber, concrete – serious structural damage.

Canada Waterproofers Georgina offers both exterior and interior waterproofing solutions.

Exterior waterproofing is what we recommend to all our clients – it addresses all possible water leak issues, by eliminating any further deterioration issues to the foundation walls of your home, giving your home a sound, solid foundation. It’s a major job, that involves excavating around the perimeter of the home, but our clients are more than happy with the results. The peace of mind it gives far outweighs the initial cost.

Typically, exterior waterproofing costs anywhere between $90 and $600 per foot, depending on factors like accessibility, the depth needed to excavate, and the space between houses, and if it’s a commercial and residential property.

Interior waterproofing is more of a water management solution – very effective at directing water away from the foundation of your home, keeping your basement dry. It doesn’t address the problem at its source, like the exterior solution, but many of our clients like it for a whole series of reasons.

One of those is cost. We are all operating under tighter budgets. Home upkeep adds up. Interior waterproofing costs anywhere from $65 to $125 per foot – determining factors are concrete thickness, height of the basement, amount of footage, and accessibility.

Call Canada Waterproofers Georgina for a free assessment of your home. We will build a solution custom fit for your needs!

Exterior Waterproofing


Exterior waterproofing is an effective way of protecting your foundation from leaking, premature deterioration, foundation heaving, or cracking.
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Exterior Waterproofing
An outside wall showing the final layer of the waterproofing membrane.


Interior Waterproofing


Interior waterproofing is an effective way of controlling water, and keeping your basement dry and free of mould.
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Interior Waterproofing
Interior waterproofing with newly installed concrete floor.
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