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Canadian weather is extreme, to say the least. And unpredictable. Your home will likely be the biggest financial investment you will make. The definition

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Waterproofing your basement from the inside is a great option for certain houses, although we always prefer to protect your basement from the outside.

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Exterior waterproofing is an effective way of protecting your foundation from leaking, premature deterioration, foundation heaving, or cracking.

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Have you experienced a flood in your home? Or are you noticing signs of water leaks in your basement – stains on the walls or ceiling tiles, perhaps a water puddle on the concrete floor, maybe a general dampness, or musty smell?

It is vital that homeowners address these issues right away. A home waterproofing solution provided by Canada Waterproofers Markham will address the issue fully and completely – so you and your family can go on enjoying your basement space, worry-free.

Your home is too important an asset and investment to leave to chance. As the climate changes, rain patterns change with it. With an increase in rain volume, combined with a city sewer system that is more overwhelmed, under a pressure of more limited municipal budgets, it’s more and more on the homeowner to protect their home.

Canada Waterproofers Markham has been in business of waterproofing homes and plumbing for 25 years, providing both exterior and interior home waterproofing solutions to homeowners in the region.

Our waterproofing contractors are fully licensed and insured, and we back up our work with a fully transferrable warranty. We use only the latest technologies and materials, and offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.


  • Pipes are old and worn
  • New soils around the home’s foundation are looser, and water collects there faster, putting more pressure on your home’s foundation, leading to cracks in the cement or the mortar around cinder blocks
  • Hydrostatic pressure, a factor below your basement floor as the water table rises during heavy rainstorms or snow melts, causing leaks through the floor

Foundations that leak cause severe damage to your basement walls. It doesn’t matter whether you live in an older home or a newer one. If your basement is leaking now, don’t wait – get it repaired.

Don’t settle for cheap service and low quality materials. Go with the best. Contact Canada Waterproofers Markham!

A leaking foundation may seem like a big job to fix, but we can assure you that with the right waterproofing method your basement will stay dry.

Exterior waterproofing involves major excavation work outside your home. It is the most effective solution, because it tackles the water leak problem at its source.

Other clients of ours go with the interior waterproofing solution, which doesn’t eliminate the water leak problem, but instead keeps your basement dry, by re-directing water away from the home’s foundation via a system of weeping tiles, and a sump pump.

Interior waterproofing ranges from $65 to $125 per foot. The determining factors are concrete thickness, height of the basement, amount of footage, commercial or residential, and accessibility.

Exterior waterproofing costs anywhere between $90 and $600 per foot, depending on factors like accessibility, the depth needed to excavate, and the space between houses, and if it’s a commercial and residential property.

Keep this in mind as well – the average cost to finish a basement is around $50,000, depending if you go with an outside contractor or do the job yourself. That is why in this scenario it is very important to have your basement waterproofed prior to spending this kind of money.

If a basement is finished with drywall, for example, and a leak occurs, not only does all the drywall have to be redone but also the flooring, baseboards, and everything else, so that all the mould can be removed.

Make sure a waterproofing solution is installed prior to refinishing your basement. A water-damaged basement would normally cost an additional $20,000 to $30,000 to repair.

Call Canada Waterproofers Markham for a free assessment of your home, to see what basement waterproofing solution is best for you!


Exterior Waterproofing Markham


Exterior waterproofing is an effective way of protecting your foundation from leaking, premature deterioration, foundation heaving, or cracking.
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Exterior Waterproofing
An outside wall showing the final layer of the waterproofing membrane.


Interior Waterproofing Markham


Interior waterproofing is an effective way of controlling water, and keeping your basement dry and free of mould.
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Interior Waterproofing
Interior waterproofing with newly installed concrete floor.
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