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Canadian weather is extreme, to say the least. And unpredictable. Your home will likely be the biggest financial investment you will make. The definition

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There are many ways your basement can be exposed to water leaks. If the piping is old and worn out it can cause condensation and erosion, leading to

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Waterproofing your basement from the inside is a great option for certain houses, although we always prefer to protect your basement from the outside.

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Exterior waterproofing is an essential part of ensuring your home is protected from any water damage. The video below illustrates the steps on how to waterproof a basement in order to guarantee that your home is protected against any water intrusion.  Call us today for a free onsite assessment.


Ensure your home is protected against any water damage, mould, mildew, and any other foundation issues by waterproofing the exterior of your home’s basement. Exterior waterproofing will ensure no leaks get through, so that your home is protected against Canada’s harsh weather.

If not waterproofed, serious damage can occur to your home’s structure and can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. We offer free foundation assessments so that we can help you tackle any problems that you may not be aware of. Give us a call today to avoid these serious problems!

The Pulpit Rock
Exterior wall showing the application of yellow jacket

For 25 years, we have been assisting customers in Oakville with all their leaky basement needs.


  • Our most core value is that we believe in using only the best quality waterproofing products and materials that exist on the market in order to help serve you
  • We cannot be matched in terms of service quality, by any other company in Oakville. Our service is second to none
  • For your home’s protection and for your peace-of-mind, we ensure that all of our employees who work on your home are insured and licensed, in order to maintain our high quality service standard
  • We ensure to strictly follow any rules and regulations that are set out to protect the consumer from potential damage and poor workmanship done on your property


  • Whenever requested, we will always provide the necessary credentials upon your request
  • As Oakville’s leaky basement experts, we will solve any and all your wet basement problems, all at competitive prices
  • We will only use the best quality materials and the latest waterproofing technology to keep your basement dry and comfortable – aqua block, “big o” weeping tile with filter cloths, delta MS drainage membrane, yellow jacket, liberty cast iron sump pumps, etc.
  • Our 25-year warranty is our guarantee that we will always stand by our work

Today it’s hard to come across hard workers you can trust, who can deliver on their promise. Canada Waterproofers Oakville recommends you get several quotes and compare the quality of materials and workmanship offered by other waterproofing companies before you begin your project. Allow us to review those quotes with you so we can offer our recommendation. We want to earn the right to be your first choice. Give us that opportunity and contact us today for a free onsite assessment.

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