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Foundation lowering

The Pulpit Rock


Sections are marked and underpinned


You can add tremendous value to your home by underpinning and finishing your basement. The prices of homes in Oakville and the surrounding areas are on the rise so unusable space made usable becomes a premium – sometimes a necessity. Underpinning gives you the opportunity to unlock new space in your home. It’s the process of reinforcing an existing foundation or digging out the foundation to add ceiling height.

Canada Waterproofers Oakville offers you a free onsite assessment and can underpin your home at an affordable rate. We have all the necessary equipment, manpower, and a highly skilled team that can deliver fast results.


If you’ve ever considered having your basement underpinned then it is very important to be sure you get the right answers to the right questions. Underpinning can be very dangerous if done carelessly and incorrectly. Be sure to be well-informed in order to protect yourself.

Ask the technician:

  • Are you licensed in your work field?
  • Do you have all the correct and required insurances?
  • Are drawings and permits necessary?
  • Is it a city requirement to inspect your work?
  • Do you have references?

If your contractor is able to answers all of these questions to your satisfaction then you are probably safe. Be sure to do your due diligence and ensure the credentials are legitimate before starting any work.


  • Once a contractor has been selected (hopefully Canada Waterproofers Oakville!), the first step is to get the drawings done
  • We have access to engineers who can assist you with drawings and permits. Contact us for more information
  • Canada Waterproofers Oakville can also assist with all your drawing and permit needs if you do not want to get involved with the city
  • The average cost of drawings and permits are between $2,500-$3,500, depending on the size of the project
  • That unusable space in the basement now becomes a welcoming, finished basement with eight-foot ceiling height, adding square footage and value to your home


  1. Basement cleared
  2. Basement demolished
  3. Transporter installed into window
  4. Bin arrives for soils
  5. Concrete floor removed
  6. Walls are underpinned by sections
  7. Inspections of all individual sections
  8. Soil is removed and disposed of
  9. Interior drains are replaced
  10. Interior waterproofing installed
  11. Sump pump installed
  12. Sewage ejector installed if needed
  13. Gravel installed
  14. Vapor barrier installed
  15. Concrete is poured with trowel finish
  16. Work areas cleaned

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