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In a consumers lifetime, the purchase of a home is usually the biggest one will do. Ensuring you protect your investment is of the utmost importance. Waterproofing the exterior of your home is a way to ensure the foundation of your home is protected against water which can lead to moisture and leaks causing mould over time. This can completely erode and destroy the basement which can cause other catastrophic damages to your home.

Canada Waterproofers Burlington has the solution to prevent these type of problems in your home. We also offer a 25 year transferable warranty on our 6 stage waterproofing options. Never settle for low quality, eventually that will cost you a lot more in the long run. Give us a call for a free onsite assessment to get an estimate for your home today!

What Causes Basements to Leak?

Water damage can do more damage than you think and can cost you a pretty penny. Usually the source of leaks originate from the lowest point of the home, in the basement. It can come from the pipes, foundations or walls if the home is not properly sealed through interior or exterior waterproofing. Condensation can also be pose as a problem but that’s a quick fix, we can insulate the cold water pipes with a foam cover. Water can also leak through your basement walls and that’s through your eavestroughs and downspouts. Its a good idea to get them check once a year to ensure they are not clogged and causing any leakage. Windows also leak if not properly sealed and can cause issues to the foundation of the home. Ensuring the windows are properly sealed to fend off all rain fall will ensure your entire home remains dry.

How you can Prevent your Basement  from leaking?

The only way to ensure that your basement wont leak is to relieve the pressure between the walls by installing protective layers on them. Also install a system of weeping tiles and sump pumps in order to ensure any water build up is redirected away from the foundation and allow the surrounding soils to eventually dry and settle.

The Pulpit Rock
Exterior wall showing application of blue skin

Although a leaky foundation may seem like a nuisance but if not dealt with promptly it can cost your a lot of money. Canada Waterproofers Burlington will ensure the proper waterproofing method is used to ensure your basement is dry and free from leaks. The protective coatings and sealers will keep the water from penetrating the foundation walls and will keep the wall intact for a lifetime.

The Importance of Stopping Leaks

Moisture is a major contributor to all kinds of damage to concrete, timber, bricks, and block structures which can cost you thousands of dollars in structural repairs. By ensuring your basement is waterproofed, you’ll be avoiding the hassle of redoing and taking more time to get the job done. Maintaining a dry basement is a lot more important that you think, mould spores can travel all throughout your home and can cause serious health issues. It can always make way for roaches and termites considering they thrive in those types of environments.It may seem like small leaks are harmless, but as time goes on, they can be detrimental to your foundation as well. Give Canada Waterproofers the opportunity to do a FREE onsite assessment to ensure that your home will not harm you.


If you’re looking for a cost effective option to waterproof and safeguard your home, interior waterproofing would be a great fit for you home. Although we recommend waterproofing both the inside and outside of your home, unfortunately sometimes the only options is to waterproof from the inside.

Be Aware

There are waterproofing companies that will take advantage of clients and tell you that your home needs many solutions when in fact nothing is required. Canada Waterproofers Burlington will not tolerate such behavior. We stand by our values in regards to integrity and honesty. We ensure any solution offered is in your best interest. Our practice is to be upfront and honest with you in regards to the process of waterproofing your home and ensuring that we are transparent on what is required.

What Not to do Once Interior Waterproofing is Completed

Having the proper solution for your home is essential for waterproofing to be effective. Using the incorrect insulation and vapour barrier after installation increases the risk of condensation building up which can cause mould behind your walls and deteriorate your foundation. This is called a mould sandwich.

Mould sandwich, What’s That?

Do not use a topical membrane on the front if you have a moisture or vapor barrier behind your substrate. Select one or the other.The combination of the two barriers that are waterproofed allow for moisture or vapor to be trapped between them and have no way to dissipate.

Ensuring the Protection of your Investment

Interior waterproofing has increase in popularity in the last decade. People are take advantage of the unused space in their basements. The average cost to finish a basement is around $50,000. When those kind of funds are invested towards a project it should be protect and ensured it will be around for years to come. If not properly waterproofed that investment can be destroyed overnight with one storm. If that were to happen, not only would the drywall need to be replaced, but the flooring, baseboard and all furniture in order to ensure no water remains that can turn into mould. For more information on interior waterproofing, contact Canada Waterproofers Burlington.

Approximate Costs for Waterproofing the Interior of your Burlington Home

When compared to exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing is much more cost effective which is why the majority of clients opt for it. The price ranges from $65 to $125 per foot, and the factors that determine that are height of basement, concrete thickness, amount of footage, commercial or residential, accessibility and etc. In order for us to properly give you a quote contact us so we can do a FREE onsite assessment to give you and estimate.

Is your Burlington Home Insured Against Floods?

Make sure you verify with your insurance company if you have any coverage regarding flooding. They should have extra coverage available for purchase. If you mention to your insurance adjuster that your home has seepage, due to existing cracked foundations, continuous sump pump failures, they may deny your request. There are many stipulations that may prevent your claim from being approved. Make sure you’re well versed on the type of insurance coverage you have for your home when it comes to floods, they’re happening more often than you think in Burlington.

Exterior Waterproofing Your Burlington Home

Exterior waterproofing is a great and effective way of ensuring your foundation is protected from leaking, any premature deterioration, cracking or foundation heaving.
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Exterior Waterproofing
An outside wall depicting the final layer of the waterproofing membrane


Interior Waterproofing Your Burlington Home

Interior waterproofing serves as an effective way of keeping your basement free from mould and dry by being able to control the water and moisture.


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Interior Waterproofing
Example of interior waterproofing with newly installed concrete floor
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