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Canadian weather is extreme, to say the least. And unpredictable. Your home will likely be the biggest financial investment you will make. The definition

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There are many ways your basement can be exposed to water leaks. If the piping is old and worn out it can cause condensation and erosion, leading to

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Waterproofing your basement from the inside is a great option for certain houses, although we always prefer to protect your basement from the outside.

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Everybody wants a dry, safe, healthy home. But our changing climate isn’t a situation that is going to suddenly reverse itself. The home’s foundation walls and basement floor are under constant water pressure (hydrostatic pressure, as the soil becomes more saturated), a situation that worsens with heavier rains and more rapid snowmelts, on top of the fact that city sewer and drainage infrastructures are aging and are less reliable.

So perhaps you find water in the basement, or water stains on the walls. Perhaps there is a musty smell, or the onset of mould, in the basement area.

Inaction is not a solution – it will only get worse. Water will always find its way through – concrete is a p0rous material. It will absorb water. It will erode over time. A particularly vulnerable area is where the concrete floor meets the wall, or through the mortar between concrete blocks.

You can do it yourself. There are plenty of YouTube videos. You can apply sealant to cracks. But that’s more like a finger-in-a-dam solution.

The most proactive, effective way of tackling the problem is an Exterior Waterproofing solution.

What is involved in that? According to professional waterproofers, here are the steps:

  • Protect work areas with tarps
  • Excavate at the located area down to the footing level of the home (which holds up the walls of the home), and expose the footing and wall ready for waterproofing application
  • Clean the wall, repair cracks by grinding them out into a “v” and repair with hydraulic cement, applying a parging mix (meant to coat a water-resistant barrier)
  • Apply foundation aqua bloc
  • Apply fiber mesh (yellow jacket) for reinforcement and then another coat of aqua block and polyurethane (four-millimetres thick) for additional protection
  • Install Delta MS drainage membrane (made of long-lasting polyurethane and recyclable materials, another added feature which keeps your basement dryer) with delta clips, finishing the moulding along the top with tapcon screws
  • Remove old weeping tile and install new “Big O” weeper with filter and connect to the existing weeping tile pipe
  • Encase weeper (which sits on the soil) with ¾” clear gravel (one foot of gravel above the weeper), and then install filter on top to separate gravel from soils
  • Backfill and compact the ground every two feet until backfilled
  • Install gravel finish, clean work areas and remove access debris from the site, re-planting the garden around the home if necessary
  • Important point – before any excavation is started, the hydro and gas companies, as well as Bell or Rogers, will need to be contacted, to ensure workers are not cutting or digging into pipes or lines
  • Install new window wells with drainage pipe if required
  • You also might want to install a sump pump (there should be a three-year manufacturer’s warranty on all mechanical pumps)

It’s a major excavation project. There is a lot of soil to be placed up on the ground. It requires expertise both in the products being installed and the process of installation itself. For example, without the gravel on top of the new perforated weeping tile/pipe, and soil below it, the system won’t work. The holes in the pipe need to be pointed the right way (down). A fabric barrier and gravel in the system helps keep dirt from clogging holes in the pipe. There are many different steps involved.

If done properly, this is the best way to protect the basement of a home from water seepage, or worse, a flood. It tackles the problem at its source.

But it’s complicated and labour-intensive, and needs to be done the right away. Get it wrong and water will still leak in. It will be challenging to go back for a do-over. It’s probably best to leave a job like this in the hands of professionals – so it’s done correctly the first time.

Our Toronto exterior waterproofing process

Waterproofing your basement is an important part of protecting your home from water damage. Watch our video on how to waterproof a basement. call today

How can we help you?

Waterproofing your wet basement is an important part of protecting your home from water damage, mould, mildew and foundation issues. When water enters through your foundation it can cause serious damage to the structure of your home, and potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repairs that could have been avoided. Give us a call today and receive a free foundation assessment.

Exterior waterproofing will stop all your leaky basement problems and leave you with a completely dry basement, free from mould and mildew.

Canada Waterproofers can help you with your leaky basement. We have been helping people in Toronto, Scarborough, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Burlington, and the surrounding areas for many years.

Our company’s values

  • At Canada Waterproofers we believe in using only the best waterproofing materials and products that are on the market
  • Our service is second-to-none and cannot be matched by any other company in terms of quality and service
  • We believe that integrity and honesty is important. That is how we run our business, and train our employees
  • We believe that anyone working at your home must be licensed and insured for the protection of your home
  • We believe that a license is a guarantee that the contractor has had the correct training needed to install the proper waterproofing job, which is up to waterproofing codes for Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington, and all surrounding area  codes.
  • A building code is put in place so that the consumer is protected from shoddy workmanship and potential damage to their property

Our promise to you

  • Canada Waterproofers can provide you with the necessary credentials upon request
  • Canada Waterproofers is your local leaky basement expert, and can fix your moist basement at a reasonable price
  • Canada Waterproofers uses only the best quality material, such as aqua block, delta MS drainage membrane, big o weeping tile with filter clothe, liberty cast iron sump pumps, and yellow jacket. We are always using the latest waterproofing technology to help keep your basement dry
  • We stand by our warranty

Good quality waterproofing contractors are hard to find. We recommend that you receive several quotes, so you can compare different quality in terms of workmanship and waterproofing materials that are offered by all GTA waterproofing companies.

Canada Waterproofers will provide you with a 25-year fully transferable warranty. We believe that standing behind our warranty is very important, so that you can enjoy your dry basement with peace of mind for many years.

Honesty, integrity and the best waterproofing company in the GTA. That is what you will find at Canada Waterproofers. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Thank you from the Canada Waterproofers Team

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