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Do You Know That Basement Waterproofing Can Benefit Your Foundation?

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing 

Are you wondering whether basement waterproofing is necessary? If you own a home then you should consider it. It is not expensive as many people think it is and it will also save you a lot of money in the long run. You will not incur unnecessary costs in maintenance and repair of structural damages. This is a very important investment that should be done in your basement.

Definition of basement waterproofing

Do you know what basement waterproofing is? It refers to a method which is used to protect structures which are either built on the ground or below the ground surface from water collection and absorption. What is involved in the process is the sealing of floors and walls to prevent water from penetrating into the structure. Drainage structures are also installed in the interior as well as the exterior sides of the basement to eliminate any possibility of water damaging the structure. Let’s find out more on why you should do basement waterproofing.

Protects the basement


interior membrane installation on three walls

Basements, which are not waterproofed suffer structural damages, mold infestations, stagnant water and flooding. These damages eventually affect the entire apartment. Additionally, waterproofing is very helpful because it protects foundations in homes. If you have it installed, you wouldn’t have to worry about your home foundation.

It addresses hydrostatic pressure

Where it rains, water normally builds up on the ground, which is outside your home. When the build up continues, the water exerts a strong force on the foundation. This is what is known as hydrostatic pressure. If your basement is not waterproof, then this pressure will definitely damage the basement walls, the foundation and generally the entire structure.

Hydrostatic pressure may lead to lead to the collapsing of the foundation wall regardless of how strong they might be. It is a very strong force that ordinary walls cannot stand. It can cause cracks on the foundation and cracks translates to more water damage to the basement. The damage is very costly because repairs will have done in the basement.

It is always a good idea to preventive measures. You don’t have to wait for your foundation to crack for you to realize the importance of waterproofing. You can also determine whether your basement has been damaged by water by checking for:

  • Moist floors and walls
  • Discoloration on the walls
  • Any water on the slab
  • Mildew and mold
  • Any cracks in the foundation

Remember that if you discover that these conditions are present in your basement, they can still be addressed by basement waterproofing. Don’t worry; it is not too late to find a solution. Hire a professional water proofing company to assess the level of damage and fix the problem.

Important tips on basement waterproofing

Have all walls waterproofed even those which are not damaged.

You should research on a waterproofing basement contractor who will deliver quality work and meet your needs.

Do not rely on waterproof paint. It might not offer a lasting solution. What your basement needs is waterproofing and nothing less.

Now that you know the benefits of waterproofing, you might want to hire basement waterproofing services. Contact us and let us protect your house foundation once and for all!

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