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We are fast coming up on summer, which means more rainfall. That means a greater risk of flooding in the basement of a home.

These are uncertain economic times, so the cost to waterproof your home is more of an issue than ever before.

Canada Waterproofers offers the most competitive rates in the industry. Each work project is custom-made to the client’s needs. The estimate process is fully transparent – there are no hidden surprises or additional costs when our work is done. Our clients are with us the entire way. We have an over 25-year history of success in the region to back up that claim.

Canada Waterproofers offers a full array of services – interior and exterior waterproofing, drain repair and plumbing work, sewer back-up and pipe snaking services, backwater valves and sump pumps, concrete floors and basement foundation repairs, and underpinning (basement lowering).

All our technicians are licensed and we fully back up any of our work with a warranty, so our clients have no worries in those areas. Rest assured no amateurs will ever touch your property – since the home is the most important investment most of us will ever make in our lifetime, measured both in money and emotion.



Exterior waterproofing is one of the more comprehensive jobs – since there is a lot of excavation work involved, digging a trench down seven to eight feet, to the footing of the home, around the entire perimetre. It’s also the most sure-fire method of protecting your basement from water leaks, since it tackles the problem at the source – hydrostatic pressure against the home’s foundation, as the soil becomes more saturated.

The cost for exterior waterproofing is between $100 to $350 per linear foot and depth. It’s complicated and labour intensive, and involves many different steps. It’s not a job for a weekend warrior.

Interior waterproofing doesn’t cost as much – between $70 and $200 per linear foot – because there isn’t anywhere near the amount of excavation work you see with an exterior job.

Interior waterproofing is also a very effective way of keeping your basement dry – re-directing water away from the basement via a system that includes installing drainage membrane on the walls, opening a trench against the interior wall, installing four-inch “Big O” weeping tiles to drain water away, as well as setting up a sump pump – an electronic device that pumps water to an outside location.

Some of our clients opt to have both exterior and interior work done, to really guarantee that the basement will stay dry.

The cost to fix a cement foundation that is cracked can range between $1,600 and $3,200, all depending on the depth and width of the crack. Canada Waterproofers can also take care of any spot repair (a section of the wall) in the home’s foundation, up to eight feet wide and eight feet deep – anywhere from $1,600 to $3,200.

The cost to install a window well, including waterproofing the wall up to eight feet wide and eight feet deep, is between $1,600 and $3,800.



Egress windows add value to any home, improving both ventilation and natural lighting. You can do it yourself, but it’s also a big job – a lot of excavation, cutting into cement, installing a drain system. Perhaps the biggest reason to install egress windows is to provide an escape route from the home in the event of a fire or another emergency situation. Depending on the size of the opening, the cost is typically between $3,200 and $5,800 (not including the cost of the window).

Basement underpinning is a major job and starts at $80 per square foot, concrete floor repairs start at $30 per square foot, drain repair starts at around $1,600, and pipe-snaking services start at $180.

The cost to install a sump pump tank is between $465 and $3,500, depending on whether it’s a full installment of a tank (which involves cutting through the cement floor, excavating the area where the sump liner and pump will be installed and connected to the existing ABS pipe that extends outside) or just replacing a pump that has been installed but is no longer working.

Backwater valves are a vital tool in waterproofing – it is a device with a flap that opens to allow water from sinks, toilets, showers or tubs to exit the home, into the municipal system. That flap will close if there is a backflow from the city’s sewer pipes, back into your basement.

Costs vary – $1,600 to $3,700 – depending on whether the backwater valve is inside or outside the home, and also the depth required to install it.

Keep in mind – the city of Toronto offers subsidies to homeowners for the installation of flood protection devices.

Call Canada Waterproofers today for a free assessment of your situation, and get a quote for any of our services.

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  • Waterproofing

  • Drain Repair

  • Plumbing

  • 100% free estimate

  • 25 year transferable warranty

  • Fully Insured