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Can A Humid Basement Be An Indication Of Leaking Issues?


Have you noticed that your basement is wet even during summer when you least expect it to be humid? Humid walls in the basement make it the most uncomfortable area in the home. The smell keeps everyone away. Could this be the reason why your guests are always avoiding the area? Perhaps yes. Nobody wants to be near a wet wall. But where exactly is the moisture coming from?

The reason for a humid basement

Humidity as you know is the concentration of water vapor, which is in the air. Because basements usually have cooler temperatures than that of the air, the air undergoes condensation and finally releases moisture when there is contact. Basically, it is condensation which is directly linked with wet basement walls.

Causes of basement humidity

Have you ever asked yourself where the moisture originates from? There are several causes that could lead to high humidity in your basement. Some of them include:

� Humid air enters the basement from outside or upstairs through open windows and doors.

� Foundation walls normally get saturated with the water beneath them and then the water will evaporate into the air.

� In buildings under construction, concrete which is porous at times releases excess moisture into the air.

� Foundation walls, which are cracked, usually contribute to leaking.
� Home appliances such as dryers may vent inside your basement area.

All factors mentioned above may be the reason why there is high humidity in your basement. They could also be the reason why you always have mildew and mold infestations in your home. Furthermore, they may be a contributing factor to the poor air quality in your home.

How to test the origin of the moisture

You can do a simple test and know the exact area where the moisture in your basement is originating from. Follow the simple steps below:

� Tape a small piece of aluminum foil or plastic to any of your basement walls.

� After a couple of days, check it and find out whether the area which was covered is damp.

� If the area under the plastic or the foil is wet, then chances are that water is penetrating through the concrete pores. On the other hand, if you find out that it is the surface of the foil which is wet, then you definitely have condensation problems.

Ways of reducing high basement humidity

If condensation is the cause of your basement humidity, you should address the problem by placing one or a number of dehumidifiers in all the areas of the basement. You can hook some of them to discharge lines. Remember to close the windows when it’s hot inside and cold outside because when you open them, more moisture will enter the basement.

If your basement is wet due to water-saturated concrete or a leaking foundation, you should hire a water proofing professional to fix the problem. The solution offered will depend on how the water is finding its way through the basement. Some of these solutions are:

� Installation of sump pumps
� Installation of Interior or exterior drains
� Proper fixing of gutters
� Installation of waterproofing membrane

Is basement humidity preventing you from using your basement? Contact us. We will visit onsite and help you determine the cause of the humidity as well as fix all the problems in your basement. Call us today and talk to our customer care representatives!


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