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When you first owned your house, it probably felt like an accomplishment, an achieved life goal. Many memories have been made, perhaps many happy celebrations with family and friends. That is why home is such a special place to most people. Someone once said” Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends”.

Homes are special places that need to be kept in good state. That is why keeping an eye in its foundation is very crucial. A strong and solid foundation will keep your house standing for many years to come. And many family generations will enjoy the home you have owned and care for.

There are different foundation types such as crawl spaces, concrete, slabs, cinder blocks and partial or full basement. Sometimes depending on the age of the houses the walls can show signs of deterioration for example efflorescence may be present. Efflorescence is a white or grey powder that appears on concrete surfaces, this can happen when moisture activates the salts that are present in the concrete making it appear in the surface through evaporation or hydrostatic pressure. Other sign of foundation troubles are cracks, it could be that you are in the presence of expansion cracks, these are very common because concrete expands and contracts with the change of seasons and temperatures, usually there is nothing to worry with the expansion cracks, if it is a structural type of crack it could be something to be concern about, major cracks are usually present between the basement  wall  and the floor slab. For example, if a crack runs from floor to ceiling and is more than a quarter of an inch wide, this may indicate a structural problem with the wall or the footings. Leading to common problems such as basement leaks.  Then you can ask yourself: Can I waterproof my basement from the inside? To answer this question, you will need a professional opinion on how to repair it. We at Canada waterproofers are asked this question all the time by concerned homeowners.

When doing in-home consultations, common warning signs of a leaky basement we encounter are:

  • Leaky wall
  • Mold and mildew
  • Excess moisture and humidity
  • Musty odours
  • Efflorescence (grey or white powder present on concrete surface)
  • Damp walls, etc.
  • Deteriorated foundation walls.


Often people are also concern about the impact these forms of wall deteriorations can have on their health. Is known that the presence of excess moisture and humidity can lead to mold and musty odours creating poor air quality that have been well-known to trigger allergies that causes coughs and headaches or irritations to the nose, skin, and eyes. Maybe some of these symptoms are already familiar to you. Investing in the interior repair of your basement wall can be a very good investment for your home and yours and family’s health as well.

Why waterproofing a house from the inside?

There are good points for doing an interior waterproofing of the basement walls, in doing so it can be more cost effective to homeowners. It doesn’t require mayor excavations like the exterior waterproofing method does. The repair can be done quickly, when the costumers give us the go ahead with the repair we can get working almost immediately, because there is no need to request locates. If there isn’t space between neighboring house the interior waterproofing is the only option available. When renovating a basement is a good idea to install an interior waterproofing system to redirect any water penetration that may happen in the future to avoid future costly repairs. Many times, we see cases where there is a newly full renovated basement and water leaks in causing damages to dry wall, floors, and material properties, all that could be preventing by taking the precautionary step of installing an interior waterproofing system to redirect water away from the foundation walls before any cosmetic renovation is started.

It is very important to care for your home’s foundation health, after all, foundations hold the whole house weight thus supporting the house.  Keeping it strong and doing preventing repairs is the best way of keeping a foundation solid for generations to come. Like Edward Coke once said, “A man’s house is his castle”. I will leave you with this question:  Is your castle’s foundation in good health?




How much will it cost to waterproof a basement?



Many would be the reasons a basement should be waterproofed, such as to prevent floodings, to increase the value of your house, having to repair a very deteriorated foundation can amount to thousands of dollars on repairs and deter future prospective buyers, also to prevent health hazard like mold and mildew.

Many homeowners decide to do it as a precautionary method even before there are any signs of water leaking in the basement or moisture showing in the basement’s walls. Like the saying goes “A good solid foundation means a strong home.”

There are distinct types of approaches when waterproofing foundation walls, and with that also, there are different price ranges, all depending on the complexity of the repair to be done. For example, exterior waterproofing versus interior waterproofing. Between these methods the exterior waterproofing can be quite pricy, with the price ranging from $100-$300 per linear foot. If you are going to get your basement waterproofed from the outside, then you can be sure that if done correctly the basement will be dry and moisture free for an exceedingly long time. We usually recommend interior waterproofing repair when there is not enough space between neighbouring houses, and with unfinished basements, with this method the prices are between $70-$200 per linear foot. Most times we recommend the installation of a sump pump while waterproofing from the inside to collect the water from the weeping tyle and dispose it away from the house. The cost to add a sump pump varies from $565-$3500.

If the foundation has a crack generated by pressure on the wall by soil that is wet, a professional opinion should be sought to determine how serious it is and how to get it repaired. There can be several types of cracks present in the foundation wall and they can be easily fixed, the price ranges from $1600-$2000 all depending in the size of the crack and the depth of the foundation wall. If the crack runs from floor to ceiling and is more than ¼ of an inch wide this may be an indicator of a structural issue and then the repair becomes more expensive as this indicates a more severe problem with the physical integrity of the home’s foundation wall.

Sometimes there is a spot on an area of the wall that is a cause of concern for our clients. Usually, a leak in certain area in the basement or a patch of moisture, and the way to get it fixed before it gets worse is to do what is called a spot repair. The way we do a spot repair is by digging a trench of usually 8 feet wide by 8 feet deep and the cost can vary from $1600-$3200 depending on how deep we must dig and if we should install new weeping tiles (older houses seldom do not have any system installed), soil conditions, etc.

Another basement service we provide is window wells. They are necessary when the soil around the window must be lowered down, by lowering the grade around the window the basement will be brighter making it more of a usable space. You are thinking of making more use of the basement space by setting an office up, a playroom, or a man cave, but whatever the new use is going to be, adding a window well surely will make a difference. The cost of installing a new window well is $1600-3800. There can be different finishes like galvanized steel, which is the most used, or wood, which can cost more but is more aesthetically pleasing. With the drainage system that we put in when installing a new window well water is directed away from the exterior wall meaning no water enters the basement.

Egress windows are usually combined with window wells, their purpose is to facilitate faster escape in case of emergencies. They are larger windows often required by building codes on buildings or home’s basements when there are more than one dwelling, such as legal basements apartments. They are also a way to light up the basement with natural light. They will cost between $3200-$5800. They are another way to add value to the home, by adding them to the basement you can market your basement as an additional new living space.

Another way we can help our clients with basements preventions’ solutions is by installing a back water valve, another term frequently used is backflow or sewer back up valve. This valve is installed on the main sewer line to allow water or sewer to flow one way and away from the house through a flap that opens to allow the water to exit the home. The backwater valve will prevent sewage from coming into the basement in the event the city sewer line gets overwhelmed with torrential downpour of rains, in which case the flap will close to prevent water or sewer from coming in causing damage to property. To install one, it will cost $1600-$3500. City rebates are available to homeowners who decide to install a sewer back up valve.

These are some of the services we provide and the cost to homeowners. Regular maintaining of the house is a key to prevent unnecessary unreasonable prices in basements repairs. Like Don McPherson said, “True prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, it’s preventing things from happening in the first place.”

What is the best waterproofing method for basement walls?

In Ontario , Canada we are very lucky to enjoy the four seasons of the year. The
cold and snowy winters that some people prefer because they enjoy doing winter
sports. The beautiful spring when the trees flower ,and come back with foliage, then
summer which is many people’s favorite because of all the things to enjoy outdoors and
the days seem longer ,and lastly autumn with all its beauty.
In Ontario the rainy season lasts from April until December and some years are wetter
than others. What this means for homeowners is that rains could result in basements to
leak and cause damage to valuable properties.
Water leaks are the most common cause of damages in homes ,accounting for 50% of
property insurance claims. Water damage is covered if it is accidental or from an
unexpected event ,such as a flood ,etc.
If a home is neglected and the owner fails to keep up with repairs ,then such a claim
could be denied and the owner would have to pay unexpectedly for expensive
basement leak repairs.
A foundation crack is the most common cause of leaky basements ,and falls in the
category of maintenance and won’t be covered by most policies. This is why
homeowners are advised to be diligent when they notice any type of crack in the
foundation walls.
Example of foundations cracks are :
● horizontal cracks are the most common ones ,this are more serious ones and is
often caused by hydrostatic water pressure (most common cause of leaks) ,
● Hairline cracks are most seen in new constructions,
● Stair- steps cracks; these types of cracks typically occur along mortar joints
posing a threat to the integrity of the basement foundation,
● Vertical cracks in the foundation wall are less serious than the horizontal cracks.
● Structural foundation cracks ,these should be taken seriously because they pose
a risk to the structural foundation of the home or building; they are usually
caused by movement of the soil or temperature shifts.
When dealing with basement foundations repairs homeowners should seek professional
opinion from fully licensed and insured waterproofing companies that provide basement
waterproofing services. So they can get advice on what is the best waterproofing
method for their unique home’s foundation situation.

The following are the best waterproofing methods
we use at Canada waterproofers


Exterior waterproofing:


More than 50 percent of the homes we waterproof are with the exterior waterproofing
method. Fixing home foundations this way ensures that basements are leak free for
many years to come ,hence the lifetime warranty we issue once the job is completed.
Exterior waterproofing is the best way to protect the basement walls from water leaks
from floods or heavy rains ,etc. Is better to make sure you get the job done by
waterproofing professionals that know how to do the job properly and have extensive
experience in the industry. Sometimes we encounter people that have had their
basement waterproofed improperly ,and they have been put in a position where they
have had to get the work done again.
Our method consists of several steps that ensures that when we finish the work ,the
basement is dry, leak -free and mildew free as well.
1. The concrete is cut and removed on the area that is going to be waterproofed.
2. Excavation of the wall to expose the footings and weeping tiles is done.
3. The wall is thoroughly cleaned.
4. After ,the cracks are opened and repaired with hydraulic cement.
5. The old weeping tile is removed.
6. Aqua bloc is applied.
7. Yellow jacket is installed to provide reinforcements for the aqua bloc.
8. Another layer of plastic is then installed for more protection.
9. After that a dimpled membrane is fitted.
10. A new weeping tile is installed and gravel is placed on top.
11. Then we finish molding the membrane with tap guns.
12.We backfill the area and compact the soil every 2 feet.
13.Caulking of the molding is done.
14.Working area is cleaned ,and a gravel finish is installed.
As previously mentioned the method we use is very successful at keeping the
basements dry for many years to come. Giving peace of mind to our customers. We
also like to share advice on other remedies to help prevent water entering the
basements in heavy rains and to prevent floods from happening. In our opinion exterior
waterproofing is the best method to fix wet basements.

Interior waterproofing:


Interior waterproofing is the best choice for homes that need repaired ,but they are in
close proximity to another dwelling in which case the lack of space would make it
impossible for exterior waterproofing to be done. This method is also more economical
than waterproofing from the outside the foundation walls ,because no excavation is
The way the interior waterproofing works is by redirecting the water that enters the
basement wall into the weeping tile and sends it away from the foundation wall.
When fixing basement walls from the inside this is the way we do it at Canada
1. We start by protecting the working areas.
2. Concrete is broken up and removed from along the walls.
3. Holes are drilled at the bottom of the blocks( if foundation is cinder blocks).
4. Weeping tiles are installed
5. Delta membrane is fitted to the wall from floor to ceiling, directing the water to the
weeping tiles.
6. Window openings are cut out.
7. Gravel is poured over the new weeping tiles to allow for drainage.
8. Concrete is poured and troweled finished.
9. Work areas are then cleaned and inspected.
When we have consultations with homeowners we usually advise while waterproofing
from inside ,to also install a sump pump to help manage the water leaks in the
basements when doing interior basement waterproofing.
Sump pumps are catch basins that collect water from drain pipes ,then the collected
water is directed away from the basement foundation walls.
In some parts of the GTA there are subsidies available ,they vary from region to region,
to homeowners that install sump pumps and back water valves and that also disconnect
the old weeping tile from the sewer system. These subsidies cover 100% of the cost of
installation up to a maximum of $6000 and are aimed at reducing the risk of flooding
and loss of material properties etc.
There are other ways to keep the water away from your basement wall , having a good
gutter system to deliver roof water away from the house when heavy rain occurs and
also when the snow melts. To maintain the gutter working properly all the time a strainer
cap or gutter guard mesh can be installed to keep debris from clogging them.
Additionally a splash block can be added to the downspout to prevent soil erosion and
will send the water away from the basement walls. Landscaping grading is very
important because by correcting the slope of the land adjoining the house the water will
flow away from the foundation walls. The most important part of the lot to be graded is
the lawn that is within 3 meters of the basement walls. Another method to divert water
around the house is via a slight depression called swale. The swale is dug so that it is
parallel to the basement wall ,and 10 feet away from it. Curving along the sides of the
house thus diverting the water toward the front of the house. Another way of dealing
with standing water in the garden close to foundation walls is by installing French drains.
The perforated plastic pipes will collect water from the rains or melted snow and will
direct it towards the street or the storm sewer.
These are some of the methods we use and advice to homeowners to implement when
dealing with moisture basement problems and to prevent leaky basements. As the
saying goes “The foundation of the house is what supports it and keeps it standing”. So
it is very important to look after the foundation walls to prevent and catch on time any
possible leak

Backwater valve cost Toronto

These costs are an average and each job is unique, Sometimes the cost will be lower or higher. If you want to find out exactly how much it will cost you to Install a main line backwater valve (BWV) or to fix your basement leaks then  contact us, Backwater valves and Basement Waterproofing should be left to the professionals so let Canada Waterproofers do your job so you know its done right!


Interior Backwater Valve installation $1600 – $2600


backwater valve


            Exterior Backwater valve Installation $2400 – $4200   



     Cost of Backwater valve permits $198.54     

Don’t worry we take care of this process!

Building permit cost


Toronto rebate for installing a Backwater Valve $1250


$1250 rebate for backwater valve


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